Escaping in Anonymity

Escaping in Anonymity
Escaping in Anonymity is a work about strangers who come to Rotterdam’s city
center to escape in alternate identities. So is there for example, a dancer
who cannot speak, a senior gay person acting out Marilyn Monroe at a local bar,
a father who finds his love for skating again. They are complete strangers to me,
I made contact with them on the streets of Rotterdam. A centre of a city is often
a place where you can be anonymous.

This book shows stories about people who (unknowingly) escape their life in the centre
of Rotterdam. For example, there is a 80 year old man who is depressed during the day
in his own neighborhood, because his partner has past away. But in the night, when
he comes to the center, he changes his identity to Marilyn Monroe. He will drink
and use drugs to avoid his feelings and pretends to be Marilyn Monroe. But at the
end of the night, when he has to go back home, he falls back in his old pattern
of being depressed. This is just one example of escaping in anonymity. Their stories
are turned into poetry and together with the photographs are compiled in a book.

Made in Rotterdam, 2016