Do I see you or do you see me?

Do I see you or do you see me?
Do I see you or do you see me is about the emotions when following someone.
Surveillance cameras are everywhere now a days, but no one is questioning
who the person behind the camera is. Who is watching us?

Yeltsiny Stroop and I wanted to feel what that person is feeling. We followed
random people on the street, from where they are until they were home. While
following them, we discovered that it did not had any effect on the person,
but it had a big effect on us. We wrote letters to the persons we were following
about our emotion towards those people.

We had a connection with them, but they had no idea from our existents.

Raymond Wacks in his essay The Assualt: “The increasing use of such
surveillance in the workplace, for instance, is changing not only the
character of that environment, but also the very nature of what we do
and how we do it. The knowledge that our activities are, or even may be,
monitored undermines our psychological and emotional autonomy.”

Made in Rotterdam, 2017.

In collaboration with Yeltsiny Stroop.