1 space, 6 places

1 space, 6 places

Rebecca Slee and Yeltsiny Stroop were inspired after reading Defining Place
written by Tim Cresswell, they were fascinated by the phenomena of space
and place. They conclude: humans change a space into a place with their memories.

They made the video installation 1 space, 6 places about this. They have
consciously worked with the invisible layer of a space; the memories. There are
intotal six memories depicted within one room. The memories are depicted as neutral
as possible by actors without attributes or daily clothes. This has been a conscious
choice to visualize the thing that is not 'here'. It is an invisible reality that we
can never see.

When you walk into space, you hardly ever know what happens before or after your visit.
This installation is made with the same concept. The installation has no beginning,
middle or end. When you walk in, you see something and when you leave that is your memory
of that space. This installation shows the invisible layer of a space and makes every
space a place.

(The official length of the video is 19 minutes).

Made in Rotterdam, 2017.
In collaboration with Yeltsiny Stroop.